Business Card

For this project we created business cards. I was excited about this project because it allows for personal creativity while still following the rules of the design process . We stayed away from using graphics because we are focusing on typography, specifically hierarchy, alignment, and visual interest. Before I started the process of designing my logo, I researched different examples of professional logos.


Business card sketches

I did a lot of sketches. I wanted a wide variety of styles to start out with. Casual, fun, modern, and classy are just some of the different styles I tried sketching. Some incorporated a bird (my last name) just for fun.


Digital Sketches


I created as many digital designs as I could in order to see what they look like. Once I created them I went through and picked the designs that established the best hierarchy, alignment, visual interest, and good typography. In class we critiqued each others work, so that we can create the best final product.

Refined Finals


These were my final picks for my design. Each of them have a distinct style with different typography. I specifically tried to pick very different styles and in class critique I used the feedback to determine which was the very best.



As I have already learned, with the final design, a lot of refinements still need to be made.  After receiving further critiques from my classmates and teacher, these were the designs the I created. I made changes in the color, spacing, and alignment.



This is the final design for my business card. I felt it conveyed my personality effectively, used hierarchy, and the San-serif font modern style .


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