For this project we were challenged with creating a brand mark for ourselves. The brand should be vector based include graphics not just type. For my brand I wanted to try and come up with something unique. I have created a brand mark with my initials before and I wanted to step outside the generic design for a brand. So I started brainstorming and sketching idea’s out.

During my idea generation I focused on my website name, which is Leah creating, and my skill or profession, web design. From my brainstorming I came up with the idea that hands are the tools we use to create. I started sketching different ideas based on hands and creating.

Digital Comps.

The idea I like the best was the thumbprint. The feedback I received also indicated the thumbprint was the best idea to go with. The thumbprint is unique and it literally saying my work is my own and original. In the other sketches I actually used ink to make my thumbprint and from there I started my digital comps.


These were my first digital comps. I created the thumbprint and I was really trying to incorporate the type into the graphic. I tried multiple times and it wasn’t looking good. So I moved on and started trying to arrange the type and make adjustments to the thumbprint to make it look better.

I made some small changes to the thumbprint, trying to make it look more like ink, and I tried multiple different color variations. I continued to struggle with the arrangement of the type and making the two element feel unified and work together. So I sketched again trying to come up with a good arrangement of the type.

I tried sketching out the thumbprint shape with the type. I went ahead and tried the bottom idea.


This is the first final I created. Some the critique I received was that I should consider making the thumbprint lines fewer and thicker so when the logo is small it is easier to see. I was also feeling my font was more trending and not as professional feeling as I would like.

Final Design

This is the digital comp I created based on my sketches and from this idea I generated my final design. I added a gradient to make the thumbprint appear more real, and made the lines thick so the thumbprint would be more recognize able in smaller sizes.


This brand mark represent me because it communicates uniqueness, the idea that I am the creator and each of my products are unique. Good typography and hierarchy are incorporated into the design. Along with a unified color scheme.


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