Adventure is out there

I love Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and all the above. I grew up watch Mulan, Aladin, Tangled and Up over and over again. For this project we were assigned to create an infographic. We could select our own topic as long as the infographic included 3 vector graphics, 1 chart or graph and a non-white background. I considered doing a lot of different topics but when it really came down to it I love Disney and feel very familiar with the content of there movies. Most design of my choice end up being Disney because I know and love there movies, so I am continuing the pattern.

Sketching & Research

The topic I chose to design for was the movie Up. Very cute, kind of sad, but I love the colors and vibrancy in the movie. So I started sketching. I thought it would be fun to do one that was more satire but I also thought it would be easier to find generic information about the movie. So I sketched out multiple different possible layouts. During this process I was also research possible content and different example of infographics.

Digital Comps.

The idea I decided to go with is the very center. I felt the flow of that design was easy to follow and it would be easy to add the content. I got to work and created my first digital comp. I had to create the house, Carl and Russel so I sketched them out first before I started creating them digitally.


I continued to develop my graphic from there. I did more research finding more potential information to add. I created Russel, I still needed create a graph so I developed that and I wanted to find a better font for the title. After working on all those things I had these:

























At this point I felt my design was good but need more development and facts. So I reviewed some of my research on infographics and found many of the examples had separate sections or groups of information and the information was often grouped into small paragraphs. Using my design I started sketching again but I group the information and did more research.


The content or information I found from different sources is cited at the button of the graphic. I developed all the graphics for the final myself using illustrator. I struggle finding good content and then organizing that content. Sketching really helped me to cover come the layout issue. The final is a combination of combination of graphics and content with nice flow.


Link to Pinterest post of project.


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