Not Done Simply

Its funny to me that we walk through stores like Walmart almost weekly and pass through aisles and aisle of products. I’m pretty sure about 50% of those products have awful designs. So my project was to select a product and re-design it. Not the product it’s self but the product packaging. The re-design could include different packaging, different packaging material or a different logo, any number of changes to improve the overall design. But the product must still include the required information, such as ingredients, directions, or title.

My Product

The product I selected to re-design is dryer sheets. I struggle originally selecting a product because there are so many. I chose dryer sheets partly because the idea I came up with for new packaging. My idea was the container would be like a wipes container, where you can pull the dryer sheets out of the container and magnets would be on the back so you can stick it to the dryer. I have always felt the dryer sheet container are annoying to pull open and I always end up ripping them. This idea also include a target audience of young to middle age mothers who stay at home with there children, busy taking care of the house. Anyone one could use this product of course but the target audience is women age 25-35 year old.

I did some research into products I liked and felt were good examples of what I wanted my design to look like. I found most of my inspiration from the Honest wipes, and eeko. They are simple designs with the kind of container or packages I planned on doing.






After research I began to sketch and develop a layout for my design. I tried to explore different options outside of style that I research but found I continued to go back to that style.


When I began doing my first digital compositions I didn’t want to limit myself to a certain style or color scheme yet so I layout the generic design first.

After receiving feedback on my different designs, I decided to go with the last layout. I continued to develop my design my adding more details and developing more hierarchy.


I started to develop a color scheme I liked. The blue to indicate cleanness. Many of the dryer sheets you see in stores today have flowers or clothes or other material to indicate cleanness. I was focusing on indication it through the color. The texture I added also to communicate cleanness but also clothes and the texture of the actual dryer sheets.

After receiving feedback on this design I decided to change up my colors scheme. Someone pointed out the blue communicated what it needed to but brown may make people think of dirt and uncleanness. So I continued refine my design.


I developed this and received good feedback on my hierarchy and repetition throughout my design. I selected the lavender color hoping to still communicate cleanness but in a more subtle way. But again upon receiving critique the lavender was appear more as a gray kind of monochromatic color scheme and it was suggested I switch back to the blue without the brown.





















This is my final design. I made sure to use the blue color scheme to communicate the cleanness, I use repetition in the circles through out the design. I added contrast and heirachy by changing the color and size of the text. Now all I need to do was print it! I printed it a number of time to test different ways of putting it together and different color options. The first was black and white, then colored on paper and finally I found a fabric that would work better than paper as a container for the dryer sheets.








Each time I printed I learned something new and tried something different. I used a sticky glue to put it together. It didn’t stay together very well on the paper, so when I did the fabric print I tried it putting it together with Elmer’s glue but that did not work well either. Finally I constructed my final design.


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