Simply Done Dryer Sheets

The project outlined that we were to designing a book to showcase and explain how we redesigned the product from the previous week. The product I redesigned was Simply Done dryer sheets. I strove to design a book that really illustrated the changes I made and how they improved the project. I decided to follow the design of the product closely to help exhibit my new design. I did a few sketches but many of the design elements I was following from the product.

Digital Comps.

The first digital composition was simple but also had areas that needed lots of improvement. I did a page for my redesign plan, style guide, logo, product flat design, photography and an advertisement.

The pages I received feedback that needed some changes were the product flat design page, advertisement page and the logo page. I split up the flat design front and back so it wasn’t slitting up the page. I hadn’t created a advertisement and had filler text so I made my advertisement and explain my ad. The logo page the layout and flow was not communicating everything it needed to. So I showcased the logo before and then my design after.


The advertisement was very difficult because I new I wanted to use the magnets on the redesign as the selling point but I wasn’t sure how to do it. When I came up with an idea I struggled executing it because my laundry room is in a very small hallway with not a lot of space. The only person I had to take picture of was my husband and I wanted to focus my advertisement on women so I took the picture of my self with a timer. I went through designing it a number of time but finally came up with this final design.

The final pitch book incorporates the design principle that are also in the product design, repetition, hierarchy, complimentary color scheme, and alignment. I was able to showcase the redesign of my product through this book and communicate in a visual way that is easy to understand.



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