Business Card

For this project we created business cards. I was excited about this project because it allows for personal creativity while still following the rules of the design process . We stayed away from using graphics because we are focusing on typography, specifically hierarchy, alignment, and visual interest. Before I started the process of designing my … More Business Card

Project 8 Brochure

Description: Four-Fold Brochure Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The first thing I did was decided what I wanted my brochure to be about. I would really love to do more traveling so I decided that I would make a brochure that is for a company that does tours, specifically of Scotland. I researched different places in … More Project 8 Brochure

Project 9 Portfolio

http:/ Project Corrections / Time spent: For this section I did a whole new project. I worked for 3 hours making another draft of a poster design. This poster was being made for a museum exhibit of the artist A.M. Cassandre and the design was to be based on the style that the artist uses. … More Project 9 Portfolio

Project 7 Web Page

Description: I created a Web Page to display the logo I created. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this web page using Text ¬†Wrangler and though I had some experiences working with HTML I have had little or no experience working with CSS. I did a lot of double checking my work on W3Schools to … More Project 7 Web Page

Project 6: Stationary

Description: Creating matching business card and stationary for a company using a logo you designed. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First I had to come up with a new company and logo for that company. The company that I decided to make a logo for is a Spa, I chose the name first then considered the … More Project 6: Stationary

Project 5: Logo

Description: Three logo variations for the same company Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used the illustrator to create all three of the logos. I used the pen tool to trace the basic shapes for all of my logos and then used the anchor tool to adjust it the way I wanted. I then added the … More Project 5: Logo

Project 4 Montage

Description: This project is an inspirational montage created by blending two images and adding text. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): First I found both the images I was looking for then I placed them both in photoshop. I adjusted the size of the background picture to the correct size of 8.5x11in. Then … More Project 4 Montage