Landing page

Week 11 This week we were talking more about our actual websites. Its important that when people come to our website its visually appealing and that they see the right information. In class we had a student come up and share her website, it was interesting to hear the the thing that needed to be … More Landing page


Week 9 For this week we continued our conversation from the week before about ads and also quality score. We also installed and talked about Google Analytics. We learned about CTR(click through rate not choose the right) in earlier weeks but we talked a little bit about how our CTR helps us judge how our … More Analytics

AdWords Round 2

Week 8 This week we focused in a little more on specific areas in our AdWord campaigns. The first thing we talked about was specifically our Ads. When you are making an ad a couple good things to keep in mind are the ad needs to be unique, should include a call to action, needs … More AdWords Round 2


Week 7 Everything that we learned about this week was new. I have never done anything with AdWords before this semester and it was pretty exciting to start up my first campaign! So AdWords allows you to make adds that are connected to keywords. The keywords are what people could or are hopefully searching for … More AdWords

How to make money

Week 5 At the beginning of this week we talked a little about design principles and how its important to have a website that appeals to your audience. I am familiar with this as a web designer but what I learned about was how to except credit card payments. When you are making a website … More How to make money