Business Card

For this project we created business cards. I was excited about this project because it allows for personal creativity while still following the rules of the design process . We stayed away from using graphics because we are focusing on typography, specifically hierarchy, alignment, and visual interest. Before I started the process of designing my … More Business Card


This is it!! This book is a collection of my best works through out the semester. It was quiet the process to create this book. From my original design to my final book, I sent many hours designing, editing pictures, deciding what pictures I wanted in the book and then doing it all over again. … More Photobook


For one of my final project in my Digital Imaging class we are required to enter a contest. The contest that I decided to enter is Memories. I decided that I wanted to enter this contest because taking this class has allowed me to see life in a new way and to capture the memories … More Contest

Fine Art Print

  I took this picture outside the Spori building at BYU-Idaho. During class we went out to try and capture some shallow and deep depth of field shots. Lucky I had just done my presentation on that and had practice over the weekend. So when we went out to take pictures I didn’t have to … More Fine Art Print

Phone Photography

In my Communication class, Digital Imaging we had a project this week to do phone photography. These are the pictures I took with my rather crapping phone. Although I do not love my pictures the message still means a lot to me. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and I am … More Phone Photography

Landing page

Week 11 This week we were talking more about our actual websites. Its important that when people come to our website its visually appealing and that they see the right information. In class we had a student come up and share her website, it was interesting to hear the the thing that needed to be … More Landing page